Simply Modular is a storage and organization company whose mission is to rid the world of chaos, one room at a time, Simply Modular provides its customers with highly curated items to help organize any room in the home. It gives us great pleasure to be the best provider for every start-up home.


Exclusively ours, Simply Modular Furniture System concept started in Hongkong followed by Japan and Korea with the idea of providing a fun, flexible, practical and durable range of home furniture needs that are affordable and accessible to many people. It is achieved by combining function, quality, design and value - always with sustainability in mind.

Simply Modular is made of connectable planks and is designed for those who like to constantly change interior layout. Planks come in different colors and are self-assembled into different styles to meet the individual needs of furniture.


Our philosophy is simple - provide practical, sensible, and authentic solutions to create space. To that end, our parts need to be durable and transportable, because who knows where you are going to be five or ten years from now? It’s furniture that will stick with you, no matter where your next adventure takes you.


Thanks to its durable nature, Simply Modular planks can carry up to 200 kilos.

ABS Plastic is derived from acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. The advantage of ABS is that this material combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. The most amazing mechanical properties of ABS are resistance and toughness that greatly reduces the chances of bending and general wear and tear.

Advantages of using Simply Modular Furniture System:

  • Inexpensive
  • Practical
  • No screws/paint/varnish needed
  • 100% waterproof
  • Durable (can hold up to 200kg)
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Assemble and Disassemble


Simply Modular Philippines is formed by a team of furniture design and spatial planning experts.  The team took the time to search of the best materials, and took the time to go into different homes to learn about what matters most to everyone -  to create a whole new furniture designed around today’s lifestyle.

Simply Modular Furniture System is the first of its kind in the Philippines and has been widely used in Hongkong, Japan and Korea among others.



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