If I order now, when can I receive my package? Rest assured we will get your goods as fast as possible. Lazada and our operations are both on skeletal workforce. Hoping for everyone’s patience during this time. Can I still pick up at your store? Unfortunately, you may not. Good news is, we will deliver to your doorstep. (NCR Locations only for now though) Can you still install my Simply Modular Set? Safety is our priority, so all instalments are on hold at the moment. What are my payment options? We accept bank deposits (BDO), credit card, and paypal

About Simply Modular Panels...

What are the sizes of Simply Modular panels? 360 Panels (Short Panels) • 360mm x 360mm x 20mm 727 Panels (Long Panels) • 360mm x 727mm x 20mm What is it made of? ABS Plastic • Waterproof • Tough • Durable • Recyclable How heavy can it carry? A panel cube can carry up to 200 kilograms! How is it screwless? Simply Modular panels are connected by "clip on screws" or what we call L-Joints. How to take care of your Simply Modular set? 1. Use soap and and water for cleaning. 2. Though it may be used outdoors, direct sunlight is not advisable as plastics (like toys alike) may change color over time due to UV rays.

Building Simply Modular Panels...

How about bed builds?

Single (36" x 75")
Build Size: 43 1/4" x 86" (3 x 6 Panel Cubes)

Twin (48" x 75")
Double (54" x 75")
**Queen (60" x 75")

Build Size: 57 1/2" x 86" (4 x 6 Panel Cubes)

Queen (60" x 75")
King (72" x 75")

Build Size: 71 3/4" x 86" (5 x 6 Panel Cubes)

See bed builds and prices here.

*Bed builds does not exactly match mattress sizes.
**Queen size mattress exceeds medium build by 1 1/4" on each side
Set Builds & Prices
Set 11 Php 5,500.00
Set 16 Php 8,300.00
Set 20 Php 10,480.00
Set 15+6 Php 14,000.00

Simply Modular for your Space...

Can I build my own design? Yes! You may also contact our specialists for design consultations. Viber them! 0917-636-9515 How do I request for a quotation? 1. Have a sketch or peg. 2. Get the general measurements (length, width, and height.) 3. To determine the number of shelf levels, divide measurement by 360mm or 14 inches (727mm or 28 inches for long/tall shelves) 4. Send it to us via Viber (0917-636-9515) 5. We'll send you the quotation. 6. Purchase online or in-store!


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